I’m a philosopher working at an institute for Neuroscience and Medicine. The focus of my current work are philosophical analyses and evaluation of functions and dysfunctions of human cognition. That comprises epistemology, the philosophy of biology and neurosciences as well as the ethical questions related to empirical research of human (and artificial) cognition.

Current call for papers:
Summer School in Dual Use and Misuse of Research Result

Ethical, legal, social and political aspects of dual use and misuse of research results will be discussed during the summer school, which will take place between 17th- 21st July 2023. It is also planned to make visits to the relevant laboratories and research institutes in order to provide practical insights.

The summer school offers international junior researchers from different disciplines the opportunity to present and intensively discuss their own work and research projects in the following and related subject areas:

  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Specific DURC-relevant research fields
  • Institutional precautions and policies
  • Politics
  • Military significance
  • Law and regulations/legislations

The contributions of the participants will be complemented by lectures of experts. All contributions to the summer school will be published in a collective volume (an anthology or a journal special issue). In addition, a common set of recommendations will be developed for the work of research ethics committees.

Interested junior scientists/researchers are invited to apply with their abstracts (400-600 words) with a short academic CV until 28th February 2023.

Book Series: Techno:Phil

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