• Praefaktisch

    Diesmal auf Deutsch und kurz: Ich hatte vor kurzem das große Vergnügen, mich am Philosophie-Blog Praefaktisch zu beteiligen. Das war eine schöne Gelegenheit, ein Thema wieder aufzugreifen, welches ich vor Jahren mit Anneli Jefferson (Cardiff) bearbeitet habe: Moralischen Zufall. Hier ist der Link.

  • International Neuroethics Society, Post-conference thoughts

    I was not able to visit all the talks. For simple reasons of time zone mismatch and remote participation I missed more than I would have skipped otherwise. Nevertheless, it was an extremely interesting conference. Martha Farah described the current phase of neuroethics as that of adolescence, apt given that the field is about 16 […]

  • Conference of the International Neuroethics Society

    While I would have loved to visit Montreal, but a 10h flight for a 5-minute talk seems hardly justifiable nowadays. I regret to say that I would have done that 10 years ago, when I should have known the impact but hadn’t realized it. Nevertheless, if interested in the ethics of neuroscience, Montreal and virtual […]

  • Technologische Selbstoptimierung

    [German below] This book was in some ways more difficult to write than my previous ones. Namely, because it had to be shorter and much more accessible than my usual texts. I had great support in this task with Markus Rüther, who is very skilled in writing very accessible texts and presenting them accordingly. We […]